AC – Antimonopoly Compliance

ACPP – annual comprehensive procurement program

AFC – anti-fraud and corruption

AIS – automated information system

AR – accounts receivable

AS – administrative staff

CC – charter capital

CCA – competitive capacity auction

CDA – Capacity delivery agreement

CES – Common Economic Space

CHPP – combined heat and power plant

CI – calibration interval

CPRU – Corporate and Property Relations Unit (division performing the function of a corporate secretary)

CRMS – Customer Relations Management Systems

DAM – day ahead market

EEU – Eurasian Economic Union

EPC CIS – Electric Power Council of the Commonwealth of Independent States

ESI – Emloyee Satisfaction Index

ESV – Energosbyt Volga

FAS of Russia – Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia

FHUF – fuel heat utilization factor

FTS of Russia – Federal Tax Service of Russia

FGC UES – Federal Grid Company of the Unified Energy System

GE – General Electric

GEIDCO – Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization

GMS – General Meeting of Shareholders

GNERC – Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission

GS – Guarantee Supplier

GSC – General Service Center

GTU – Gas turbine unit

HDN – heat distribution networks

HKUST – Kellogg-Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

HPP – Hydraulic power plant

HWS – hot water supply

IAU – Internal Audit Unit

ICRMD – Internal Control and Risk Management Department

ICUF – installed capacity utilization factor

IDP – individual development plans

IES – Integrated Energy Systems

IETC – innovative energy technologies center

IFRS – International Financial Reporting Standards

ILO – International Labour Organization

IPI – intellectual property items

IR – Investor Relations

IRD – internal regulatory documents

JSC – joint-stock company

KPI – key performance indicators

LECC – low emission combustion chamber

LLC – limited liability company

MIRBIS – Moscow International Higher Business School

MOEK – Moscow United Energy Company

NPP – nuclear power plants

OIFES – occupational, industrial, fire, and environmental safety

OSG – open switchgear

PB – performance benchmarks

PJSC – public joint-stock company

POS – production and occupational safety

PPE – personal protective equipment

PSC – power supply companies

PTL – power transmission line

R&D – research and development

RAS – Russian Accounting Standards

RAU – retrofitting and upgrading

RCBC NP – Russian-Chinese Business Council non-profit partnership

REPM – retail electric power market

RES – renewable energy sources

RMICF – risk management and internal control framework

RNC ICLES – Russian National Committee of the International Council on Large Electric Systems Non-Profit Partnership

Rosimushchestvo – Federal Agency for State Property Management

RSEC – Russian State Electrification Commission

RUIE – Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs

SAIDI – System Average Interruption Duration Index

SAIFI – System Average Interruption Frequency Index

SCIGE – selecting composition of included generating equipment

SFEC – specific fuel equivalent consumption

SME – small and medium-sized enterprises

SO UES – System Operator of the Unified Energy System

SPA – Scientific Production Association

SPO – specialized procurement organization

STPP – Sochinskaya Thermal Power Plant

SWCA – special working conditions assessment

TEI – technical and economic indicators

TPI – target program indicators

TPP – thermal power plant

UCP – United Capital Partners (Юнайтэд Кэпитал Партнерс)

UEC – United Engine Company

UISC – Unified Information and Settlement Center

UPD – unified payment document

WECM – wholesale electricity and capacity market

WPP – wind power plant

Measurement units

Gcal – gigacalorie (thermal power measurement unit)

Gcal/h – gigacalorie/hour (thermal power measurement unit)

GW – gigawatt (electric power measurement unit)

kV – kilovolt (voltage measurement unit)

kVA – kilovolt-ampere (total power measurement unit)

kW – kilowatt (electric power measurement unit)

kWh – kilowatt-hour (generated electric power measurement unit)

MW – megawatt (electric power measurement unit)

tfe – ton of fuel equivalent (measurement unit)

t/h – tons per hour (steam generation measurement unit)

tnf – ton of natural fuel (measurement unit)