Strategy and Investment Committee

Message from the Chairman of the Strategy and Investment Committee

The Strategy and Investment Committee aims to consider key issues concerning the operational activities of PJSC Inter RAO and handles the review of the most important strategic objectives.

During the reporting year, the Committee continued the practice of in-person meetings to consider the most significant issues involved with strategic, financial, and investment planning as well as issues concerning the Company’s innovative activities.

As part of its activities, the Committee drafted and issued recommendations for the Board of Directors that were comprehensively studied taking into account the various expert opinions of the Committee members representing various energy sectors.

We should also mention the effective work of the Company’s management and its focus on properly achieving the performance benchmarks.

Viktor Khmarin, Chairman of the Committee

The size of the Committee is determined by a resolution of the PJSC Inter RAO Board of Directors and ranges from three to eleven people . The Committee is comprised of independent and non-executive members of the Board of Directors (or one representative from each) as well as an executive director or member of the Company’s Management Board.

Most important items considered by the Committee

  1. Consideration of reports on the implementation of the business plan of PJSC Inter RAO and the Group for the corresponding period of 2018 and consideration of the business plan of PJSC Inter RAO and the Group for 2019. Consideration of the implementation of the Long-Term Development Program, including the Report on the Implementation of Strategic Development Priorities for 2017 and the Strategic Priorities of the Inter RAO Group for 2019.
  2. The proposal for the annual General Shareholders Meeting of PJSC Inter RAO concerning the distribution of profit (including the payment (declaration) of dividends) and losses of PJSC Inter RAO.
  3. Consideration of the investor relations report.
  4. Approval of the report on the implementation of the Innovative Development Program of PJSC Inter RAO for 2018.
  5. Consideration of the Report on the Comparison of the Level of Technological Development and the Key Performance Indicators of the Inter RAO Group with the Level of Development and Indicators of Leading Analogue Companies and proposals on the advisability of updating the Innovative Development Program of PJSC Inter RAO based on the results of benchmarking and a process audit.
  6. Consideration of the PJSC Inter RAO Intellectual Property Rights Management Program, which was drafted in accordance with the Recommendations on the Management of Intellectual Property Rights at Organizations.