Improving customer service quality

A customer-oriented approach is one of the key focuses for the development of supply companies. In an effort to boost customer loyalty, new information systems for customer relations management (SUVK 2.0.) and remote service systems (LCC, CC) are being actively introduced into organizational charts. In order to introduce modern customer service quality standards, service companies have launched a project called Supply Academy, which entails creating a center of excellence to train the Group’s staff on the basis of a professional development system. One of the key focuses is the development of additional paid services – the supply of goods and the provision of services related to the supply of electricity to consumers. Due to the new law on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation in connection with the development of electric power (capacity) metering systems in the Russian Federation, all power supply companies have conducted a revaluation of the indicators set forth in roadmaps to replace metering devices in the time between verifications. In addition, power supply companies have drafted and approved roadmaps to enter the market of electrical installation work for businesses and individuals.

The Inter RAO Group’s power supply companies are actively working to improve the quality of customer service and introducing modern communication technologies with customers (contact centers, CRM systems, and Internet reception centers, among other things). The Company is paying significant attention to the introduction of new technologies in the traditional operational business processes of companies.

In 2018, the retail business devoted special attention to the development of the range and capacity of interactive customer services, such as IVR (interactive voice response), video consultants, and chat bots, and improving the quality of their work. Effective solutions have also been included in replication projects for all companies in the retail business.

The customer-oriented approach means faster processing of incoming calls and more detailed explanations for customers. All companies have significantly expanded the capacity and features of the One-Stop Shop service when providing face-to-face services to individuals, individual entrepreneurs, and major customers. Centralized projects have been completed to model and build software to update and improve the quality of customer information, which optimizes personalized interaction between companies and customers on a wide range of issues related to both contractual relations when providing power supplies (clarification of contractual terms and real estate parameters, notifications about debt and charges, and claim-related work, among other things) as well as the sale of additional paid services.

The increased capacity of contact centers and the introduction of automated load distribution in such cities as Oryol and Tomsk has not only made it possible to connect most retail assets to remote services, but has also significantly expanded the range of operations available to customers.

The features of retail asset mobile applications for individual and business customers have also been expanded. In addition, retail assets have successfully launched projects to introduce legally significant electronic document workflow with consumers and grid organizations via secure electronic communication channels, which has enabled customers to instantly receive electronic documents, submit documents electronically to the oversight authorities, perform any online operations with documents around the clock, work with electronic documents directly from the accounting system, minimize the cost of resources for processing accounting documents in hard copy form, significantly reduce the time for the provision of accounting documents, and eliminate interest charges (penalties) for missing payment deadlines.

All power supply companies (guaranteed electricity suppliers) of the Inter RAO Group have uniform standards for the quality of customer service. The main principles for interaction between companies and customers are reliable and uninterrupted power supply and the availability of services.

In an effort to inform consumers about the services offered by the Inter RAO Group’s companies, customer waiting areas at the central office show informational videos about remote means of communication and online services. The websites of service companies can not only be used as a source of information, but also as an online office. The following services are available to customers:

  • my account
  • online consultation
  • transfer of meter readings
  • printing of receipts for cash payments
  • face-to-face consultation

The companies of the Group are constantly working to develop customer services to allow consumers to save time and utilize services remotely online. In 2018, a wide-ranging survey of customer satisfaction with the quality of commercial services was conducted using unified methodology and revealed a fairly high level of satisfaction at 33%. Customers can also learn about service standards and leave comments and suggestions on the websites of companies.