Interaction with the authorities

The Group’s companies regularly interact with the authorities on matters concerning the settlement of overdue receivables among public sector institutions and utility companies.

The directors of the Group’s supply companies are members of:

  • the power supply security headquarters
  • the commission on organizational support for settlements with resource-supplying organizations of the housing and utilities sector and management organizations that collect payments for utility services and contracts for the supply of electric power, heat, water, hot water, drainage, and gas
  • the interdepartmental commission for the preparation of the housing and utility sector and power facilities for work in winter conditions and the heating period of 2018/2019

In 2018, as part of a pilot project in the Moscow Region, JSC Mosenergosbyt printed out and delivered unified payment documents containing a total of 261,200 bills for electric power consumed and for the collection, transportation, and recycling of solid household waste and bulky waste. The Ministry of Housing and Utility Services of the Moscow Region deemed the initiative a success. The decision was made to scale the project for all individual housing construction in the Moscow Region (1.2 million personal accounts).

In 2018, the Government of the Leningrad Region and the United Information and Settlement Center of the Leningrad Region (JSC UISC LR) continued cooperation in issuing Unified Payment Documents (UPD) for the population, which makes it possible to:

  • receive bills for all utility services within the UPD, including electricity bills from JSC St. Petersburg Power Supply Company (JSC PPSC)
  • make separate payments for services from the UPD
  • send payments to service providers without accumulating funds on the account of JSC UISC LR

The number of subscribers of JSC St. Petersburg Power Supply Company who receive bills for electricity within the UPD increased by 53% in 2018 – from 141,000 to 216,000 subscribers. This encompassed 94% of the apartment buildings in the Leningrad Region serviced by JSC PPSC. The company collaborates on issues concerning the increased availability of energy infrastructure and improving the business climate of St. Petersburg with the Public Council for the Development of Small Business under the Governor of St. Petersburg, the St. Petersburg Union of Entrepreneurs, the Energy Commission of the St. Petersburg branch of OPORA RUSSIA, and the Working Group of the Power Engineering and Engineering Support Committee of St. Petersburg.

Since 2015, LLC Inter RAO – Oryol Power Supply has been issuing the UPD in the Oryol Region. At present, the UPD includes charges for electric power, gas supply for domestic needs, major repairs, heating services, water heating, hot water supply, cold water supply, and drainage and also for the services of one of the management companies. More than 400,000 UPDs are printed per month.

In November 2018, the governor of the Tomsk Region and PJSC Inter RAO signed a roadmap to expand the use of products and technologies at Tomsk Region organizations, including those used for import substitution, for the Inter RAO Group in 2018-2022. The document envisages fundamental improvements to the citizens service system and the establishment of modern clearing centers in the Tomsk Region based on the technologies used by PJSC Tomskenergosbyt.

PJSC Tomskenergosbyt is also taking part in the ‘Safe Childhood in a Safe City’ municipal program in which street lighting around pre-school institutions is being upgraded. The public sector is receiving new lights under an energy service contract. The project is being carried out under the patronage of the Department of Education of the Tomsk Administration.

In 2018, the company once again supported the BrighterTogether national energy conservation festival and offered the public a new way to participate in the Energy Conservation Movement project. Residents of the region’s capital were given the opportunity to exchange old incandescent lamps for new energy efficient LED lamps.