Interaction with minority shareholders

As of December 31, 2018, there were 351,968 individuals registered in the share register of Inter RAO, which equals 99.22% of the total number of shareholders. The Company interacts with individual shareholders in accordance with the Program for Interaction with Minority Shareholders of PJSC Inter RAO for 2018-2020. In 2018, as part of the program:

  • informational brochure stands were updated at the locations of the Group’s companies
  • an animated product was created for shareholders to reduce the flow of inquiries from shareholders taking into account the rights to their shares in depositories
  • the shareholder memo for the Annual General Shareholders Meeting was updated
  • work was continued with LLC Inter RAO Invest to provide services to shareholders in transactions involving the Company’s shares
  • e-voting was provided at the General Meeting of Shareholders with the relevant explanations on the procedure for such voting in the Energy Without Borders newspaper
  • other measures of the Program were completed

The Company responded to a total of 107 written inquiries from shareholders received by mail and 61 electronic inquiries in 2018. An analysis of the changes in the subjects of the inquiries from the Company’s shareholders to PJSC Inter RAO shows percentage-based growth in inquiries related to such themes as the receipt of dividends, including updating questionnaires, ways of calculating them, and transferring dividends to a shareholder’s bank account.


The inquiry statistics show a decrease in inquiries for clarification on the sale of shares and the registration of inheritance rights and an increase in inquires for the updating of personal data. The Company attributes these results to work that was continued in 2018 as part of the Program for Work with Minority Shareholders.

It should be noted that there was a significant increase in the number of inquiries to provide shareholders with a 2-Personal Income Tax certificate to confirm income they received in the form of dividends paid.

Inter RAO employees answered 219 calls and 61 electronic inquiries from shareholders, prepared 25 2 -Personal Income Tax certificates based on shareholders’ requests, and held four personal meetings with the Company’s shareholders. In addition, the call center of the Company’s Registrar responded to 5,779 calls from shareholders and 159 electronic inquiries.