Investment program

The investment program of the Inter RAO Group aims to ensure the reliability and operational capabilities of existing equipment, enhance the competitiveness of the Group’s companies on the electric and thermal power market, boost efficiency, and mitigate the negative environmental impact of production activities with the ultimate goal of maintaining the Company’s leading position among energy companies in terms of the effective management of energy assets.

The investment program of the Inter RAO Group in 2018 aimed to:

  • ensure the implementation of the Capacity Delivery Agreements (CDA) program as part of the fulfillment of obligations to commission generating capacity for the Zatonskaya CHPP construction project (LLC Bashkir Generation Company)
  • implement measures to improve the reliability and safety of production facilities through equipment modernization
  • enhance the efficient monitoring and diagnostics of equipment conditions as well as minimize specific fuel consumption for the production of electric and thermal power through the introduction of modern, highly efficient equipment
  • boost the level of production automation
  • introduce the unified billing of legal entities for supply companies of the Inter RAO Group
  • implement environmental measures that aim to reduce the man-made impact of generating equipment on the environment

Most of the CDA program was completed in 2018. Consequently, the focus of investments in the form of capital expenditures in 2019 has shifted to the program for the retooling and reconstruction of existing equipment.

Structure of the investment program by key businesses, RUB mln (including VAT)
Business Actual Plan
2016 2017 2018 2019
Generation in Russia 34,643 29,079 17,298 18,743
Supply assets in Russia 1,292 1,213 1,523 2,219
Other Russian assets 555 2,357 8,218 723
Foreign assets 3,454 1,531 1,974 2,704
Total for the Group’s companies 39,944 34,180 29,013 24,389
Investment structure of the Inter RAO Group by project, RUB mln (including VAT)